WUI: Selwyn Ave to Fourth Ave
Intersection Upgrades & 4-Laning

A project of economic significance
SH1 is an arterial road within the Whangarei District and therefore is a strategic route for freight and tourism within the region. It is also part of a strategic route to the Marsden Point port, the Marsden Point Oil Refinery and is a strategic arterial within Whangarei City, all of which have national economic significance.

Whangarei Urban Improvements
As part of the Whangarei Urban Improvements (WUI) NCC was engaged by NZTA as the design consultants for the Selwyn Ave to Fourth Ave 4-Laning. The design incorporates two signalised intersections and a raised median and new link joining Fourth Avenue to Kauika Road.


Solving Congestion Issues
Mitigating congestion at peak periods, the intersections at SH1/Selwyn Avenue and SH1/Central Avenue have all been upgraded with extra lanes, in line with current state highway safety standards. The state highway has been widened to four lanes from the SH1/14 intersection to Central Avenue and a raised median installed from south of Fourth Avenue to Kauika Road. This restricts right turn movements to and from the state highway. Wilson Avenue has been closed off from the highway, and a new link road has been constructed from Wilson Avenue to Fifth Avenue providing an alternative route to and from the state highway greatly freeing up traffic movement.

Effective teamwork
Relationships forged with service authorities have been critical in the design and planning to minimise disruption and delays. A close working relationship was developed with Whangarei District Council as the project has many interfaces with their infrastructure.

The project is now complete.

LocationWhangarei Central
ClientNew Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA)
ConsultantNCC Consulting Engineers
ContractorFulton Hogan Ltd
Value $-- million 

Key Services

  • Planning
  • Geotech
  • Pavement Design
  • Road Design
  • Landscaping
  • Site Supervision
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