WUI: Kensington to Manse Street
Safety Improvements

Whangarei Urban Improvements
As part of the Whangarei Urban Improvements (WUI) NCC was engaged by NZTA as the design consultants for the improvements to the Kensington Avenue intersection and the state highway south to Manse Street reducing traffic queuing at peak times and improving safety for road users and pedestrians accessing Kensington Park.

New Roundabout
The new roundabout at the intersection of Kensington Avenue has a dedicated northbound lane to allow vehicles travelling north and continue without stopping, this ensures traffic flows effectively and minimises potential road noise by heavy transport vehicles stopping on the hill approaching the intersection.

Implementing safety measures
A raised solid central median installed along the state highway between Kensington Avenue and Manse Street helps address the existing high crash rate, which has resulted in a number of fatalities. The raised median between Kensington Avenue and Russell Road utilises soft planted restricting traffic from Kohatu Road to left turn only. The new raised median between Russell Road and Manse Street is a solid concrete barrier restricting traffic at Manse Street to left turn access only.

LocationKensington, Whangarei
ClientNew Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA)
ConsultantNCC Consulting Engineers
ContractorFulton Hogan Ltd
Value $8 million 

Key Services

  • Planning
  • Geotech
  • Pavement Design
  • Road Design
  • Roundabout Design
  • Landscaping
  • Site Supervision
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