Kerikeri Airport Upgrade

Increasing runway efficiency
The airport runway pavement was strengthened to allow heavier aircraft to operate and taxiways were extended. Car parking and access was upgraded. Kerikeri airport serves the Bay of Islands area and has seen a strong growth in tourist numbers. The growing tourism and developments such as Kauri Cliffs have seen increased demand for use by heavier aircraft with private jets being regular visitors.

A structured programme
NCC carried out an assessment of the pavement strength and set out a programme of work to restore the pavement life to meet the future air traffic needs.


Pavement drainage, increased pavement depth and stabilisation were used to improve the strength of the pavement to cope with the heavier demand. A structural hotmix layer was applied to the surface.

The taxiways were extended to accommodate the larger aircraft and additional traffic.

LocationKerikeri Airport Upgrade
ClientFar North Holdings
ConsultantNCC Consulting Engineers
ContractorWorks Infrastructure Ltd
Value $4.5 million 

Key Services

  • Planning
  • Landscaping
  • Pavement Design
  • Site Supervision
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